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Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a man aged about 50 years. He is a famous detective who lives in the Baker Street in Britain. What does he look like? He is tall and slim. What is he like? He is a genius and he is suspicious. He has an English cap on his head, he is wearing a suit with tweed pattern and a magnifying glass in hand. Sherlock likes pipe. He is a loner and he has depression. He loves to play the violin. His friend is Watson. Mycroft is his elder brother (by seven years). There are 10 films about Sherlock.

Crime story

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Jedna slohovka na angličtinu
Zadání znělo: 130 - 150 slov, téma: ZLOČIN (vražda, krádež,...)
Nevěděla jsem o čem psát, a pak jsem se nechala inspirovat skutečností, ale jinak zbytek o krádeži auta je vymyšlený Smějící se Snad se bude líbit...

Small and large theft
Last Thursday, John bought the new wheel discs, because it has been stolen. Last week late evening, John came home from work, he parked and he went to sleep. At 9 a.m., he went to car and he shout: "Oh no, where are my wheel discs?" At night there was a thief. He stolen John's discs and neighbour's car.
John was sad, but he didn't call to police. There were no witnesses, no camera, no trace. His neighbour of course called to police. Police looked for, but they didn't found.

The day before yesterday, John went to buying and in the parking lot, he saw the stolen car, the same colour and same license plate. He called his neighbour and the neighbour contacted police. The police were on the spot and they arrested the criminal and John got reward. The neighbour was very happy.

Words: 148